6 .a.m on a 10 hour-long road trip with my best friends heading home from the best music festival in the country
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details! give us details about your date! please!!


haha, sure why not.

So its 7:30pm. & I’m barely showering and getting ready, i already went shopping and bought everything she asked me to bring, so i get dressed get in the car and drive to her, i had already texted her in the morning, and she gave me the address and told me to pick her up there at 8pm. I make my way to what seems to be her house, i pull into their driveway. & i see her parents, at least i thought thats who they were, and yes, i was right. So i get off my car, and Mary Anne is outside also,  and she is wearing this pretty green dress, and i have jeans on and a navy shirt. ” Wow, you are stunning, i tell her, she smiles, replied with a “thank you” 

now she introduces me to her parents, and she tells them not to wait up, so i open the passenger door for her, and as I’m making my way to the driver seat, her fathers yells out ” you take take of my daughter alright” * yes sir” i tell him. so we drive away, i have no idea yet where she is taking me, she’s just telling me turn left here, turn right there, and so on, till we get there. Finally we arrived to an abandoned house, she tells me this is where she used to live, and that her parents still own the house, because they’re going to remodel it. but we make our way into the backyard, and she tells me that our date will take place inside her treehouse, so we climb the ladder into the treehouse, and this girl has a plasma tv in there; so we ended up laying  blankets on the wooden floor, with pillows leaning against the couch behind us, we talked for an hour before we actually started watching movies, i was asked to bring 3 of my favorite movies, so we watched “The Fault in Our Stars” , A Walk To Remember” and “The Notebook” 

by the time we ended up watching TFIOS, she’s all emotional, so she asked me to hold her, i wrap my arms around her, and I’m just thinking, this girl is beyond perfect. i run my fingers through her hair,and wipe her tears.

its 12pm now, and we have finished all our junk food, and now we’re watching  A Walk To Remember, this one she’s seen before, but we still got emotional at the end, and she was holding my hand the whole time. i think i spent more time looking at her than the movie. 

Hours later, we finally got to watching “The Notebook” and she interrupts in the middle of the movie, 

and she asks me if i did this on purpose?

did what? i ask her. 

brought these movies to get me all emotional just so you could comfort me”

" i would comfort you whether you were feeling emotional or not, but when i had my arms around you, i felt like i just had to protect you from the world. "

" you can’t just say things that make me melt inside" she says

"why not? i melt just by looking at you"

"do you really? "

"One thing you should know about me, is that i will never lie to you, i am brutally honest. "

and she just hugs me, so there i am again, with my arms wrapped around her. 

& the movie gets to the scene where Allie returns to Noah, and they are on the lake, making their way back to his house, and it starts to rain, so when they get back, they have that kiss under the rain. 

so without thinking twice, i pull Mary Anne closer, and i kiss her. I kissed her, and her lips were heaven. She kissed me back, and i tasted paradise. we kissed and kissed again and again. & my heart started to race the instant our lips met. 

i asked her how it was possible to like someone this much, if you just barely met them?

"so you like me? " she questions me.

" i do! i really do, like a lot, i start to tickle her, i like you a lot, a lot, a lot" she’s laughing yelling stop, "a lot a lot. 

"good" she says, "because i like you a lot also"

" prove it’ i tell her.

she runs to me, and jumps on me, and we fall to the floor, and she kisses me

"hows that for proof" she says"

"hmm, i think i need you to do that for a couple more hours to completely convince me" 

we laugh, and we make out for another hour. I finally take her home. i got home around 4:30am. it is 8:30am now, and I’m wide awake. and it feels like a brand new day, they grass looks greener, the sun seems brighter, and the air smells fresher, and all i think about is Mary Anne, and those lips of her, i can’t wait till i see her again, so i can kiss her, but i must wait till tomorrow, for our second date. 


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😍 Oh my god. I’m dying.

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